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  • 4 Tips to Overcome Nerves in Public Speaking


    For those fathers of the brides they may find that the toast that they are to give at the reception is the task that they are most dreading. The reason for this fear is that they are not very fond of public speaking. However, there are many tips that the father can use to overcome this irrational fear of speaking in front of a crowd of people. And the good news is that you are not going to have to picture the crowd in nothing but their underwear since this seldom works any time that a person does it. In fact, it may only make the nerves even more prominent since in your mind you are now speaking in front of a naked crowd. So what are these tips to help you overcome this irrational fear of speaking in public?

    Understand the Fear

    This may sound a bit out there, however, if you understand that the fear is only occurring because you are allowing it to, this is going to go a long in helping you to get rid of the sickening fear that you have. You should realize that just because you are giving a speech or toast, in the father of the bride’s case that you are not going to be put into harm’s way. You are simply standing up there and saying a few words, there is nothing to fear. You will want to repeat this to yourself, in order to make sure that you truly understand this tip.

    Talk to the audience as if you are in a one on one conversation

    This is probably the best tip that anyone could take away with them to give a public speech or a toast. If you imagine that you are sitting around a family dinner table and calmly speaking to those that are around you, then you are going to feel more at ease. And all that fear that you had will magically disappear because this is a situation in which you have found yourself in right now, with a group of friends that you are talking to, is something that you are not going to fear at all.


    If you know what you are going to say when you get up in front of a crowd, then you are not going to feel that panicked fear that you are going to screw up. You need to realize that the more that you know the information the easier it is going to be to give a speech on it.

    Know that no one wants you to fail

    Too many times, when we stand up in front of people to give a little toast or speech we psych ourselves up to believe that the audience wants us to fail. This is completely the audience. Think of it this way, as the father of the bride people are going to be listening to what you are saying and smiling, they have no intentions of booing you off stage. So relax, and have fun with the speech that you are giving your daughter and new son-in-law – father of the bride speeches don’t need to be a nerve-racking experience!

  • 3 Tips to Be Confident in Speaking


    The Father of the Bride has an important job during the ceremony. He is not only giving away his daughter, but he is also going to be responsible for a speech during the reception ceremony. This is where many men are a bit nervous. They may not be accustomed to speaking in front of a large crowd, yet alone the number of people that are going to be attending the wedding. Plus, the father knows that this is something that the daughter and her new husband are going to remember for years to come, so he wants it perfect. There are quite a few tips that are going to help you with the public speaking part of your job for the day so that you can walk away knowing that you did your best.

    father of the bride speech body languageUse Body Language

    You should be sure that while you are talking in front of the crowd that you are not simply standing there with your body completely stiff. If you do this, you are going to find that the message, no matter how heart felt and sincere it is, will come off as being dull and absent of any feeling. Therefore, you should be sure that you are using your hands when you are talking, even moving around the area that you are standing in to give more depth to the father of the bride speech.

    Eye Contact

    Make sure that you are keeping eye contact with the audience and your daughter and her new husband. The way that someone meets the other person in the eyes while they are talking is a huge step towards being considered confident. The person is going to find that if they look at the walls and so forth, then the audience is going to know that they are not comfortable and your toast to the new couple is going to come off sub par, to say the least.

    Talk Slowly and Naturally

    One of the worst things that people do when they get up in front of a crowd is to start talking like a robot or speed through their speech in order to get it over with. When you are delivering your toast for the bride and groom remember to think as though you are talking to among friends. You are going to want to talk loudly and clearly enough so that the whole room understands what your saying, while also being natural in the way that you are talking. If you are saying something that is amusing, laugh a little. There is nothing that says your toast has to be completely professional, have fun with this, the couple will remember it better if you do.

    Overall, the father of the bride speech that you are going to give at your daughter’s wedding is one that you are going to remember forever. Therefore, take your time in deciding what you want to say and know this before you go to the reception. You are going to want to utilize these tips as best as you can in order to make sure that the speech shows your confidence, as well as your happiness for the couple.

  • 5 Roles of the Father of the Bride


    father of the bride role

    The father of the bride is the role that every man dreads to be one day, though it is something that almost every man who has a daughter is going to have to deal with someday. Therefore, when the big day arrives, if they want to make sure that this is going to go as smoothly as possible, in order to make sure that his little girl has the big day that she has always dreamt off, the father must know what his role is at the wedding. Most men think that the role that they play is to walk her down the aisle and escort her safely to the arms of her soon to be husband. However, it is more than that:

    Financial Responsibilities

    The father of the bride has many duties when it comes to giving the financial compensation for the whole ceremony once the bride announces her engagement. Therefore, to make this role a bit easier on you, you should sit down with your daughter and talk about the cost of the wedding before it gets out of hand.

    Communication Duties

    For the father of the bride, one of the more important roles that he is going to play at the wedding is the go between of those that are at the wedding. For example, with a blended family, the father wants to make sure that the step-father is used in the ceremony, as well as the groom’s parents. It is the father of the bride’s responsibility to make sure that everyone is focused on the happy couple instead of their own problems that they may be having.

    Wedding Ceremony

    During the ceremony, the father of the bride is who will walk the bride down the aisle and give her away. This may be the hardest thing that you have to do throughout the entire event. You are going to want to make sure that you are offering a strong and steady arm to the bride so that she does not fall down. While also making sure that you are giving some words of encouragement before walking down that aisle.

    The Toast

    Most fathers of the brides are going to end up giving a toast at the reception. The toast should be heart felt and light hearted, and let the couple know that you wish them all the luck in the world. You will want to make sure that you have practiced this speech and then make sure that it is really getting your message across. Also, you may want to brush up on your public speaking skills if you are a bit nervous.

    The Dance

    At most receptions, the father and the daughter will share the traditional dance. For this role you will want to make sure that you are ready to lead your daughter to make her look as graceful as possible. Therefore, if you are not much of a dancer, make sure that you take a few lessons so that you can look your best as you are twirling away with your daughter. Plus, it is going to impress your daughter and mean the world to her that you took time to learn this specifically for her.

    For more information on the role of the father of the bride or help for the speech, check out our recommended father of the bride speech program.

  • Maid Of Honor Speech Tips


    Maid Of Honor Wedding SpeechWhen you are initially asked to perform the duties as maid of honor for the bride at her wedding, you may not be thinking about the customary Maid Of Honor Speech you will be expected to give during the reception. Before you panic, keep in mind that you are not the focus of the occasion and it will only be a few moments of your time that you will be required to stand and speak in front of the entire audience.

    Get started early with the process of writing the speech by making notes when you think of them. Notes about the couple and funny stories make good starting points and memories of you and bride are also noteworthy. Once you have a page or two of thoughts, you will have all you need to frame out a lovely, memorable maid of honor speech.

    The first part of Maid Of Honor Speeches should include an introduction, as there are likely to be many people there that you have never met. Something simple such as your name and your association with the bride will suffice. Next, thank everyone for coming and especially thank the bride for asking you to be her maid of honor.

    Talk for a minute or so about how you came to know the bride and the groom. Reflect on the couple’s relationship from your perspective. Leave out anything that could be considered tacky or distasteful. If there is a funny story that is equally appropriate, consider telling it at this point. Although you are the female equivalent of the best man, you are not expected to be bawdy. Wrap up this section of your speech by telling the newlywed couple how happy you were for them when they announced their nuptials.

    If you have a famous marriage or love quote, now is the perfect time to read it. Poems are nice also as long as they are not too long and have a point. Wish the couple a lifetime of happiness, give a toast to the bride and groom and you are done!

    It is important that you have practiced this speech in front of a mirror and perhaps in front of a small audience. Gauge the practice audience’s reactions to evaluate the elements of your speech. Avoiding topics such as religion, politics, and sex are advised, and remember to bring your Maid Of Honor Wedding Speech with you to the reception, as you do not want to rely on your memory for such an auspicious occasion.

  • Groom Speeches Advise


    A wedding is a special event between two people who want to share their joy and happiness with those closest to them. Planning a successful wedding and reception can be a daunting task and it seems there are ever so many responsibilities for the couple wanting to wed. While most of the duties are customarily handled by the bride and her family or a bridal planner if you are lucky enough to have one, but the groom is tasked with writing and delivering memorable Groom Speeches to be delivered directly after the father of the bride finishes his speech at the beginning of the reception.

    In order to carry out this duty it is important to remember the etiquette of the ceremony and keep your words and your tone in line with the occasion. Consider the overall theme of the wedding when deciding how to write your speech. Will the reception be a bawdy party scene or a solemn and thoughtful event? Humor of course can be used in either application, but the types of jokes deemed acceptable will vary greatly.

    Start out your Groom Speech by acknowledging the father of the bride and his speech. Thank everyone for attending and personal thanks to people who made a special effort to be there is always nice. Thank all of the people who worked so hard to make the day special and individual recognition is acceptable as long as you are not long winded about it. Remember that your audience will likely get bored if all you do is thank each person for their part.

    Words of appreciation for the bride’s family are in order, as you want to thank her parent’s for raising such a lovely woman. If there is a funny story to relate about the first meeting with her parents you can include it at this point, but keep in mind that off-color stories might make your speech memorable in the wrong way! Remember to say some lovely words about your bride and follow up with a toast to the bridesmaids and maid of honor.

    Wind up your speech by thanking your best man and groomsmen if you had them, for all of their support and encouragement. Once you have finished your remarks you will pass the microphone to the best man for his speech.

    Practice your Groom Wedding Speech in front of a mirror until you feel comfortable, but don’t forget to write your speech down and bring it with you. You may feel that you can remember everything you want to say, but your wedding day can be a stressful one, and it is better to be safe than sorry.

  • The Speech for the Father of the Bride


    In a lot of cultures the father of the bride is a very important role in the wedding. They serve as the host and sometimes they are the ones paying for most of the wedding; although in today’s culture this has changed a little and the father of the bride is no longer seen as the primary person who pays for everything. However, no matter who ends up paying the bill the father of the bride wedding speech is still something that dear old dad has to do. They have to stand up in front of a room of their daughter’s closest friends and family and say how happy they are to see their daughter happy, (more times than not you will see the dad turning his head away as he tries not to cry). Although, dad can hire people to do entertaining throughout the night and no matter how hard the best man tries to give him a break no one can do this speech but the father of the bride. So when you find yourself in this situation there are general rules that you can use to help guide you in preparation.

    1. Start with a joke. This will not only help ease your tension; but, also get everyone else’s attention for the main part of the father of the bride speeches.

    2. When everyone has quieted down and is listening you should express your gratitude for everyone taking the time to join you on the momentous occasion. Take this time to let everyone know that you appreciate their love and generosity that you have seen throughout the day. Also, now may be a good time to tell the bride, her mother, or any other female that had a hand in the wedding how great a job they did.

    3. Now would be the part to add the thoughts on how special it is to be playing this role. How sad you are to see your daughter all grown up; but, how happy you are that she found someone to make her happy. Do not drag this on too long though, or you will find yourself trying to dry up all your tears without anyone noticing.

    4. Tell your daughter what you think of her. Let her know that you think she is very special and the best daughter a man could have. Let her know that, while you think no one is ever going to be good enough for her, she did a really great job in finding someone that is about close as they can get to her perfect match.

    5. Now is the part in the father of the bride wedding speech where you get to look back on the memories. Tell everyone how you first felt when you met the man your daughter married, how you tried to scare him away with your unloaded gun. Use some humor here; but, do not forget to include how happy you are for both of them and how you know they will love and support each other through anything and that is what is important.

    6. At this point you could do a toast to the groom. Let him know how glad you are to have a new member of the family and how great it is that it is him.

    7. Now you should include some of your own advice for marriage. This is a good point to use both sentiment and humor.

    8. Lastly, at this point in the father of the bride speech, you get to start the toasting to the newly married couple. Make your last remarks, toast them, and then get back to playing host.

    The father of the bride speech, although it is not a long one, is an important part of the wedding. It means a lot to the bride, your daughter, so make it special and take the time to prepare a good one.

  • Father of the Bride Wedding Speech


    Making father of the bride wedding speeches at your daughter’s wedding can be both a proud and a nerve-wracking moment for any father. It can be especially difficult if you lack experience in public speaking as you will be worried not just about your Father of The Bride Wedding Speech itself but about having to stand up in front of the guests and make it.

    You will make this task much easier if you take plenty of time to get thoroughly prepared.

    Make sure that you know what is expected in your father of the bride wedding speech and plan it out carefully. Write as many drafts as you need to get it right, and ask someone else to read it through and give you some feedback.

    father of the bride wedding speech

    Go over it as many times as you need in order to familiarize yourself with it. There is no need to memorize the speech but you should be able to read it and know its rhythm. You should take a written copy with you, even if you think you have learnt it off by heart. Index cards can be a neat way of writing out a speech, but if you are very nervous then it could be more sensible to use a single sheet of paper rather than risk dropping the cards and messing up their order. If you do feel a bit shaky then you might be able to rest the paper on the table rather than holding it up where everyone will be able to see your nerves.

    When you are going over your Father of The Bride Wedding Speech you should read it out loud, just as you would on the day. Stand in front of the mirror and be your own audience. Take note of your body language. Try to relax and stop yourself from fidgeting. Stand up straight and make sure you keep breathing. Listen to your voice too. Try and speak clearly but also to put some expression into your voice so that it will be easier for the guests to follow what you’re saying.

    On the day, if you are using a microphone make sure that it is working and that you know how to use it before the reception.

    If you are very nervous then you could try practicing your speech in front of a smaller audience and working up to the wedding itself. You might even want to get some professional help. There are people who will teach you how to give a speech and who can help to boost your confidence. It will mean a lot to your daughter to have you speak at her wedding, but if you really feel you can’t then you can always ask another close relative or friend of the family to speak instead. If you do, make sure that you take the time to speak more privately to your daughter on her wedding day, or even to turn what you would have said in your Father Of The Bride Wedding Speech into a letter for her to keep.

  • Father Of The Bride Speech Samples


    father of the bride speeches

    Are you looking for Father Of The Bride Speech Samples? Well, this post is for you! When it comes to making father of the bride speeches, it seems that there are two distinct types. The first is the humorous speech in which the father of the bride uses humor to cover his tears. The other is a more sentimental speech. For this father of the bride speech dear old dad uses his speech as way to remember his daughter’s time growing up and as a way to say good bye. Both are rather easy to write as you can tell from the Father Of The Bride Speech Samples below.

    The Humorous Speech

    Hello everyone,

    First off I would like to say thank you for showing up we know you are all quite busy. I think that the people who planned this wedding did a great job don’t you? I mean no-one dropped anything and the cake made it in one piece, minus that one part that (mention a friend or relative who won’t mind name here) stole; but, it’s at the back of the cake so you can hardly notice.

    I think I can speak on behalf of everyone here when I say (insert bride’s name) looked amazing today, which was great because it made up for me! No but seriously I am so proud of her. She has grown up into a lovely young woman I could not ask for a better daughter.

    I think at this point it is safe to say that she has finally grown out of that awkward not yet a woman; but not a girl, stage, thankfully. You know as a child she used to ask me to drop her off a couple of blocks from school because she said I embarrassed her. I never argued because truthfully it was the other way around! Just kidding honey, I love you. As a child she was so adventurous and stubborn we were not sure we would every find anyone to marry her; but, thankfully, she did not need us to do it for her. She managed to find a great guy all on her own.  I really do not think that her mother or I could be more proud of her then we are today. She really has grown into this amazing woman who is capable of so much; and, (insert grooms name) is willing to be there through it all.

    You know the first time I met (insert groom’s name) I knew I should have had a gun handy. However, in time since then too now I have come to realize that him being crazy and stubborn is a good thing. He finally gave my daughter what she has never had before, a match in wits and in life. He really makes my daughter happy and that is what matters to me most. I know it is an old cliché  but today I honestly do not feel like I am losing my daughter; but, that I am gaining the missing piece to our family puzzle.

    At this point I would like to say thanks to everyone who made today such an amazing event. We truly could not have done it without you. It is now my pleasure to toast Mr. and Mrs. (insert grooms name).

    Serious Speech

    Pretty much every father knows that one day he will be playing the role of father of the bride. Today that is my part and it is not something I have looked forward too. It saddens me at the thought that my daughter will no longer be in the room just down the hall or that when she is crying over a bad day I will not be the one by her side to wipe those tears away. However, these is the time when I should wish them the best of luck and then take my seat on the sidelines and just watch the game from here on out, no longer am I the starting player.

    Growing up, (bride’s name) was a very outgoing and stubborn little girl; but, she was also a very loving and caring individual. Thankfully she has brought these attributes into her life as an adult. She also picked up many other traits along the way that have made me more and more proud of her with every day. Walking her down the aisle today I was split. I wanted to drag her kicking and screaming out of the wedding and back home; but, I also wanted her to be able to stand in front of everyone looking so amazing and take charge of her life.

    The first time I met (insert grooms name) I could see that he would be the one and while I played the protective father role that I was supposed to play, deep down I just wanted to give the guy a break. I could tell that he would be the one man other than me that my daughter could be happy around and the one that would do his best to make her happy. He has made her a more confident woman and allowed her to grow into the person she is supposed to be with no objections to them at all.

    I have always had my fears about my baby growing up and marrying the wrong person; but, with (insert grooms name) I know she is making the right decision. He makes her happy. Recently I was reminded of something I said to her as a child. I took her on her first date and I did everything I thought a man should do. I pulled out the chairs, I opened all the doors, I told her to order what she liked, and at the end of the night I kissed her on the cheek and I told her that if she went out with a man who did not treat her like this then he was not the right person for her. When she came home from her first date with him she told me that their date was exactly the date I had told her she should have and at that moment I could not have a happier father, nor could I have like (insert groom’s name) any more.

    I could go on all night with memories; but, I will not do that too you.  I would like to say thank you to everyone who made this day possible and if I see each of you individually I will thank you then too. So it is with great happiness I toast Mr. and Mrs. (insert groom’s name).

    Don’t forget to check out our other Father Of The Bride Speech Sample post. Would you like access to 20 sample speeches that are ready to go? Check out this Wedding Speech Program.

  • Father Of The Bride Speech Videos


    Looking for Father Of The Bride Speech Videos? Looking at other videos of fathers doing their father of the bride wedding speech can be a very effective way of getting ideas for your very own speech. Be sure to take note of their body language and speech giving techniques as that plays a vital part in any speech. Well, let’s get to it – here’s the video.

  • Father of the Bride Speeches


    Writing a speech can be a huge challenge, and when it comes to Father Of The Bride Speeches the pressure is really on to come up with something both heart-warming and personal. You should be aiming to sound hopeful about the future, pleased about the day and happy for your daughter.

    There is a conventional structure to father of the bride speeches which will help you to plan out what you are going to say. This usually includes a welcome to the guests at the beginning, saying something about your daughter, welcoming the groom to the family, saying something about the state of marriage and proposing a toast to the happy couple. It is in the parts when you talk about your daughter and about marriage that you have the most opportunity to personalize your speech. The other sections can stick to fairly formal phrasing, although you might want to also say something extra about the groom, if you know him well. He will usually get much more time in the best man’s speech, however, so your focus should be on the bride.

    When you speak about her, think about what she would want you to say. If you are unsure then discuss it with her beforehand. Father Of The Bride Speeches should be about your bond with your daughter, and not about embarrassing her, as if this were a best man speech. An anecdote from her childhood or an old nickname you had for her can be good subjects. You could also talk about how proud you are of her, and how well she has grown up. You should make these stories and thoughts as personal as you can, and you should particularly concentrate on the relationship which you have with your daughter.

    You will also be speaking on behalf of the bride’s mother, unless she has decided to make her own speech too, so referencing her can be a good idea. Include her in the thanks and the welcomes you give. You may also want to draw on your relationship with her when you give your advice on marriage to the new couple, even if you are not married to the bride’s mother it can be a good idea to speak about her rather than a new wife or girlfriend. Try to be honest about marriage, but do not allow any pessimism you may feel to spoil the occasion.  If your parents or another couple known to the family has a long and happy marriage then you can use them as an example, even if your own love life is in a more unconventional state. You do not have to speak about marriage specifically, however. You might prefer to give some advice about life in general, or about love and family bonds.

    Father Of The Bride Speeches generally go wrong when they try to be something they’re not, or when the speaker fills them with words and notions that are not his own. This speech should be as personal as possible. Say something from the heart, but don’t fall into the trap of using clichés or being overly sentimental. Be yourself instead. Add a few jokes or a little bit of teasing, but make sure that you don’t go overboard.

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