• Father Of The Bride Speech Writing Service

    Speech looming? Relax! Get a completely original, personalised Father of the Bride speech crafted for you by a professional wedding speech writer”


    Is the prospect of your father of the bride speech ruining the prospect of your daughter’s wedding? You are not alone. Worrying about what to say? Or how to say it? Too nervous to think straight? Or just too busy to give it the time it deserves?

    Relax! Let us do the hard work for you. We’ll write your father of the bride speech for you. And we guarantee a punchy, original and memorable speech that will never be forgotten – and for all the right reasons!

    Our wedding speech writer, Lawrence Bernstein, has written for politicians, businessmen and celebrities. But over the years he has written hundreds of wedding speeches. Each one is entirely original and he is regularly featured in the press as providing an outstanding and orginal service that has put the minds of his clients at ease and thrills the audiences.  But don’t just take our word for it, here are some of the testimonials he has received recently.

    “Hi Lawrence,
    Well you did as you said and we were not disappointed at all… not a dry eye in the house; was amazing; comedy from start to finish and tears of emotion too. Thank you!!”

    - TD, Dec 2010

    “Hi Lawrence,Just wanted to say a huge thank you for composing my speech, the speech went down a storm and my concerns about the opening lines were unfounded when I got a huge raw of laughter and got everyone on side very quickly.  I must say Lawrence you took the stress out of the speech process. I felt confident throughout that I had a great groom speech. Thanks once again I really appreciate your help.”

    - Martin C, Nov 2010

    “What can I say. “The best wedding speech I have ever heard”  – That was just one of the many accolades that my speech got. Up to the speech i was bricking it, but the first laugh was obtained after the opening gambit and then it flew by.  There were tears of joy at the funny parts and tears of emotion at the sincere parts. So from the bottom of my heart a big thankyou. Your speech made me the proudest man in the room for the rest of the evening and I’m sure it will be remembered by everyone for ever.
    So many many thanks,”

    - Mark H, Oct 2010

    Priced at £419, our wedding speech service will allow you to relax while we take the burden of writing the speech away from you. We’ll find the right balance of humour and sincerity to suit you and develop an entirely original speech that will leave everyone impressed and just a little jealous!

    Important points:

    • We will need approximately 7 days notice to write the speech.
    • The average speech will be 8-10 minutes long.
    • How much? £419 (If you’re based in another country, PayPal will convert the figure to your own currency)

    So how does the process work?

    1. Lawrence has developed a detailed questionnaire (starting below) to ensure that he has all the information required to craft a masterpiece for you! Please answer them in as much detail as possible because your speech can only be memorable and personal if it is based around information that is unique and relevant to you and your family.
    2. On receipt of your answers we will send you (free of charge):
    3. - A proposed summary of the speech
      - Any further information we require to maximize its potential

    4. At this stage we require your decision as to whether to proceed. If so, you will send answers to the questions and your comments on the proposed speech structure. This is also when you pay (via PayPal) the speech writing service cost of £419.
    5. After approximately 7 days, we’ll send you the full draft of the speech that is ready to go.
    6. If you need changes at this stage, just email them through to us and we’ll do the rest.

    So what are you waiting for? Get started now by filling out the form on the next page. There are 45 questions that stand between you and delivery of a fantastic wedding speech! Please make sure you fill out all the fields as they are required.