• 4 Tips to Overcome Nerves in Public Speaking

    For those fathers of the brides they may find that the toast that they are to give at the reception is the task that they are most dreading. The reason for this fear is that they are not very fond of public speaking. However, there are many tips that the father can use to overcome this irrational fear of speaking in front of a crowd of people. And the good news is that you are not going to have to picture the crowd in nothing but their underwear since this seldom works any time that a person does it. In fact, it may only make the nerves even more prominent since in your mind you are now speaking in front of a naked crowd. So what are these tips to help you overcome this irrational fear of speaking in public?

    Understand the Fear

    This may sound a bit out there, however, if you understand that the fear is only occurring because you are allowing it to, this is going to go a long in helping you to get rid of the sickening fear that you have. You should realize that just because you are giving a speech or toast, in the father of the bride’s case that you are not going to be put into harm’s way. You are simply standing up there and saying a few words, there is nothing to fear. You will want to repeat this to yourself, in order to make sure that you truly understand this tip.

    Talk to the audience as if you are in a one on one conversation

    This is probably the best tip that anyone could take away with them to give a public speech or a toast. If you imagine that you are sitting around a family dinner table and calmly speaking to those that are around you, then you are going to feel more at ease. And all that fear that you had will magically disappear because this is a situation in which you have found yourself in right now, with a group of friends that you are talking to, is something that you are not going to fear at all.


    If you know what you are going to say when you get up in front of a crowd, then you are not going to feel that panicked fear that you are going to screw up. You need to realize that the more that you know the information the easier it is going to be to give a speech on it.

    Know that no one wants you to fail

    Too many times, when we stand up in front of people to give a little toast or speech we psych ourselves up to believe that the audience wants us to fail. This is completely the audience. Think of it this way, as the father of the bride people are going to be listening to what you are saying and smiling, they have no intentions of booing you off stage. So relax, and have fun with the speech that you are giving your daughter and new son-in-law – father of the bride speeches don’t need to be a nerve-racking experience!

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