• Deal With Nervousness During Your Wedding Speech

    Here are some tips to help you Deal With Nervousness During Your Wedding Speech:

    Got Shaky Knees?

    If your knees are shaky then it is a good idea to lean onto a table, but by all means don’t sit down: that is not a good way to hold a speech. By standing, all, or at least most of the visitors, will see you. By standing you show the newlyweds your respect.

    Got Shaky Hands?

    If your hands are shaky then you can stop them from shaking by keeping them behind your back, holding onto something, or just leave your index card on the table where you can see it.

    Be Upfront About It

    If you are really nervous, then it is always a good idea to tell it to the guests. You could for example say, “I am sorry for my shaky voice, but this is not exactly my dream come true to stand up here in front of you all so please bear with me.”

    Since most people have the same fear of public speaking, 99% of them will understand you really well. Plus, when you’re at a wedding the odds are that you know most of the people, so don’t you worry.

    Before the Wedding

    This is very important; you have to practice the speech at least 5-7 times before the weeding. You start by writing it down word for word and then you practice at least 2-3 times in front of a mirror or a friend with the whole speech in your hands.

    Then in step two you make a small index card (2×4 inches) containing all your keywords on which you use to help you remember the rest of the speech.

    More Info?

    For more tips on how to Deal With Nervousness or advice on father of the bride wedding speeches, check out this wedding speeches site.

    "14 Things You Need To Know For Your Father of The Bride Speech"

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  5. JeanDan@www.standingovationweddingspeeches.typepad.com says:

    Thanks bro for the advice and notes.You have taken a fresh perspective on this subject.
    Nervousness isn’t that bad as many speech givers think.It depends on how they channel their nervousness into useful tools.It means that they have to change the way they perceive public speaking.Often we see speaking in public as something dreary and it makes us feel so afraid of facing the crowds.
    For instance speech givers can use the power of affirmations to crush their fears.Affirmations here simply means saying over and over to yourself that you can do all things despite the odds.

    You can also use the power of visualisation to combat your fear.It is simply a matter of picturing yourself in your mind’s eye giving a wonderful speech and you will certainly be able to do that.What you see is what you get…so to speak

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