• Father of The Bride Speech Etiquette

    A Father Of The Bride Speech is very important. Some say that this is the single most important speech of the wedding. There is often a lot of planning and thought that goes into this speech. Some fathers will work on the speech for months before the wedding to make sure that they get it just right.

    There are some things that need to be kept in mind when preparing and delivering father of the bride wedding speeches. If the speech is not carefully planned out and given appropriately, it can potentially ruin the whole atmosphere of the reception and create a very awkward situation for everyone. There are some general Father Of The Bride Speech Etiquette rules that need to be followed when preparing or delivering the speech. The following tips will help you to prepare and deliver a father of the bride speech that is appropriate and that will be memorable and special for your daughter.


    1. The speech should be short and sweet. This is a great comfort to fathers that may have a fear of public speaking. It allows them to breathe a little easier. Keeping a speech short is a basic rule of etiquette. It allows plenty of time for others to give a speech or toast to the happy couple.

    2. Make sure that you have thoroughly planned the speech. You should brainstorm and get some basic ideas together. If you do not plan out the speech, you are much more likely to forget important points that you wanted to talk about. You may also say things that you had not wanted in the speech. It is also much more likely for a father that has not planned ahead to ramble or embarrass himself or his daughter. This is why planning is so essential to the speech process. It enables you to give the best speech possible without losing the overall idea.

    3. Put aside all personal feelings about the groom or the marriage. No matter how much a father may disagree with the marriage or how much they may dislike their new son in law, they need to put all of that aside for the wedding day. Proper father of the bride speech etiquette includes adding your son in law to the speech. If you cannot give a speech about him, simply congratulate him in a polite manner. Above all, avoid being rude to him. This will embarrass and likely upset your daughter and you absolutely do not want to ruin her big day.

    4. A father of the bride speech should include special thanks to people that helped with the wedding. People that played a part in making this special day happen need to receive proper recognition. It should also thank all of the guests and those that are attending the wedding. You want to make sure that the guests know that you appreciate them sharing the special day and helping to join your daughter with her new husband.

    Following these proper Father Of The Bride Speech Etiquette rules will ensure that your speech is delivered properly. It will avoid any embarrassment or problems. It will also keep the speech from being awkward or uncomfortable. Proper etiquette can result in a speech that is a great introduction to the wedding reception and to the beginning of a new life for your daughter and her new husband.

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