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    Part of any good Father Of The Bride Speech is to include jokes and make it funny. As easy as that sound, it’s not so simple. It is important not to offend anyone in your speech, or excessively embarress anyone. After all, it’s the best man’s speech that is supposed to be the most revealing and embarressing. So who can you make a joke about in the Father Of The Bride Speech?

    • Your family in general, such as a joke about how unfunctional your family is or the wierd things you guys do.
    • The bride, especially stories from her childhood. It’s ok to embarress her about the little things. DO NOT mention ex boyfriends or flings.
    • The groom, it is normally expected that the bride’s father make a joke or two about the groom. However, remember to keep it light hearted.
    • The wedding, talk about some mishaps that may have happened earlier in the day or in the lead up to the wedding. Make sure not to single anyone out and blame them.

    Here are a few good examples of jokes that are ideal for the Father Of The Bride Speech

    • If your daughter loves to shop then say something like, “Michael(groom) I think this is the opportunity to warn you that your credit card bills may double starting from next month.”
    • Here’s another one directed at the groom, “Michael whenever you’re wrong, admit it. Whenever you’re right, shut up.”
    • “Michael, there are only two times in a man’s life when he can’t understand a woman…..before marriage and after marriage.

    Hope these tips help. Remember not to get too personal and to keep the jokes light hearted. If you do this, then i’m sure you entertain everyone at the wedding with your Father Of The Bride Speech. Here’s a youtube video of a very funny speech, as you can see he directs most of his jokes at the bride.

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