• Father Of The Bride Speech

    father of the bride speech

    ┬áThe Father Of The Bride Speech is considered to be one of the most important aspects of a wedding. As the host of your daughter’s wedding, the father of the bride must keep things running smoothly throughout the evening. All these factors puts added pressure, which makes the father of the bride speech just that much harder.

    The perfect Father Of The Bride Speeches should be powerful but not serious all the way the through. It will have a few jokes about the bride to be and maybe even one or two on the groom to be. The newly weds are about to start a new chapter in their lives, so the father should talk about the significance of a marriage and the commitment needed to make it work.

    Here is a brief outline of what the Father Of The Bride Speech should include:

    Welcome and Wishes
    Don’t forget to introduce yourself even if you have already been introduced. Let everyone know that you are the father of the bride. Thank your guests for coming to the wedding and making it that much more special. Wish them all a happy day or night.

    Speech Topics About The Bride
    Compliment the beautiful bride, and tell her how proud you are of her of what she has achieved. Talk about her character, personality, hobbies, passions and achievements. You should also include some humorous stories about her but don’t try to share any stories that she wouldn’t want everyone to hear (previous boyfriends for example). Include stories of when she was a little girl, and how your wife and yourself saw her growing up.

    Speech Topics About The Son In Law
    Share with everyone how you were introduced to him and how you have gotten to know him really well. Include some funny stories of him and your family. Talk about his great personality, his aspirations in life and his achievements. Conclude this chapter by welcoming him to the family, telling him how delighted you are that he is now part of your family and that he makes your daughter really happy.

    Thank You
    Thank the mother of the bride, not just for her efforts in organizing the wedding but also in supporting yourself and the family. Thank the bridesmaids for supporting your daughter and mention how beautiful they all look. Thank everyone who played any part in the wedding, such as the ministers, florists and other family members who helped in the wedding arrangements.

    End the Father Of The Bride Speech with a toast to the bridal couple. Toast to their future happiness, success and good health.

    Those are the key topics that should be covered in the Father Of The Bride Speech. It is also important to prepare the speech well in advance and to practice. This will insure that the speech is free from any faults and that it is delivered flawlessly.

    "14 Things You Need To Know For Your Father of The Bride Speech"



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