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  • The Speech for the Father of the Bride


    In a lot of cultures the father of the bride is a very important role in the wedding. They serve as the host and sometimes they are the ones paying for most of the wedding; although in today’s culture this has changed a little and the father of the bride is no longer seen as the primary person who pays for everything. However, no matter who ends up paying the bill the father of the bride wedding speech is still something that dear old dad has to do. They have to stand up in front of a room of their daughter’s closest friends and family and say how happy they are to see their daughter happy, (more times than not you will see the dad turning his head away as he tries not to cry). Although, dad can hire people to do entertaining throughout the night and no matter how hard the best man tries to give him a break no one can do this speech but the father of the bride. So when you find yourself in this situation there are general rules that you can use to help guide you in preparation.

    1. Start with a joke. This will not only help ease your tension; but, also get everyone else’s attention for the main part of the father of the bride speeches.

    2. When everyone has quieted down and is listening you should express your gratitude for everyone taking the time to join you on the momentous occasion. Take this time to let everyone know that you appreciate their love and generosity that you have seen throughout the day. Also, now may be a good time to tell the bride, her mother, or any other female that had a hand in the wedding how great a job they did.

    3. Now would be the part to add the thoughts on how special it is to be playing this role. How sad you are to see your daughter all grown up; but, how happy you are that she found someone to make her happy. Do not drag this on too long though, or you will find yourself trying to dry up all your tears without anyone noticing.

    4. Tell your daughter what you think of her. Let her know that you think she is very special and the best daughter a man could have. Let her know that, while you think no one is ever going to be good enough for her, she did a really great job in finding someone that is about close as they can get to her perfect match.

    5. Now is the part in the father of the bride wedding speech where you get to look back on the memories. Tell everyone how you first felt when you met the man your daughter married, how you tried to scare him away with your unloaded gun. Use some humor here; but, do not forget to include how happy you are for both of them and how you know they will love and support each other through anything and that is what is important.

    6. At this point you could do a toast to the groom. Let him know how glad you are to have a new member of the family and how great it is that it is him.

    7. Now you should include some of your own advice for marriage. This is a good point to use both sentiment and humor.

    8. Lastly, at this point in the father of the bride speech, you get to start the toasting to the newly married couple. Make your last remarks, toast them, and then get back to playing host.

    The father of the bride speech, although it is not a long one, is an important part of the wedding. It means a lot to the bride, your daughter, so make it special and take the time to prepare a good one.

  • Father Of The Bride Speech Samples


    father of the bride speeches

    Are you looking for Father Of The Bride Speech Samples? Well, this post is for you! When it comes to making father of the bride speeches, it seems that there are two distinct types. The first is the humorous speech in which the father of the bride uses humor to cover his tears. The other is a more sentimental speech. For this father of the bride speech dear old dad uses his speech as way to remember his daughter’s time growing up and as a way to say good bye. Both are rather easy to write as you can tell from the Father Of The Bride Speech Samples below.

    The Humorous Speech

    Hello everyone,

    First off I would like to say thank you for showing up we know you are all quite busy. I think that the people who planned this wedding did a great job don’t you? I mean no-one dropped anything and the cake made it in one piece, minus that one part that (mention a friend or relative who won’t mind name here) stole; but, it’s at the back of the cake so you can hardly notice.

    I think I can speak on behalf of everyone here when I say (insert bride’s name) looked amazing today, which was great because it made up for me! No but seriously I am so proud of her. She has grown up into a lovely young woman I could not ask for a better daughter.

    I think at this point it is safe to say that she has finally grown out of that awkward not yet a woman; but not a girl, stage, thankfully. You know as a child she used to ask me to drop her off a couple of blocks from school because she said I embarrassed her. I never argued because truthfully it was the other way around! Just kidding honey, I love you. As a child she was so adventurous and stubborn we were not sure we would every find anyone to marry her; but, thankfully, she did not need us to do it for her. She managed to find a great guy all on her own.  I really do not think that her mother or I could be more proud of her then we are today. She really has grown into this amazing woman who is capable of so much; and, (insert grooms name) is willing to be there through it all.

    You know the first time I met (insert groom’s name) I knew I should have had a gun handy. However, in time since then too now I have come to realize that him being crazy and stubborn is a good thing. He finally gave my daughter what she has never had before, a match in wits and in life. He really makes my daughter happy and that is what matters to me most. I know it is an old cliché  but today I honestly do not feel like I am losing my daughter; but, that I am gaining the missing piece to our family puzzle.

    At this point I would like to say thanks to everyone who made today such an amazing event. We truly could not have done it without you. It is now my pleasure to toast Mr. and Mrs. (insert grooms name).

    Serious Speech

    Pretty much every father knows that one day he will be playing the role of father of the bride. Today that is my part and it is not something I have looked forward too. It saddens me at the thought that my daughter will no longer be in the room just down the hall or that when she is crying over a bad day I will not be the one by her side to wipe those tears away. However, these is the time when I should wish them the best of luck and then take my seat on the sidelines and just watch the game from here on out, no longer am I the starting player.

    Growing up, (bride’s name) was a very outgoing and stubborn little girl; but, she was also a very loving and caring individual. Thankfully she has brought these attributes into her life as an adult. She also picked up many other traits along the way that have made me more and more proud of her with every day. Walking her down the aisle today I was split. I wanted to drag her kicking and screaming out of the wedding and back home; but, I also wanted her to be able to stand in front of everyone looking so amazing and take charge of her life.

    The first time I met (insert grooms name) I could see that he would be the one and while I played the protective father role that I was supposed to play, deep down I just wanted to give the guy a break. I could tell that he would be the one man other than me that my daughter could be happy around and the one that would do his best to make her happy. He has made her a more confident woman and allowed her to grow into the person she is supposed to be with no objections to them at all.

    I have always had my fears about my baby growing up and marrying the wrong person; but, with (insert grooms name) I know she is making the right decision. He makes her happy. Recently I was reminded of something I said to her as a child. I took her on her first date and I did everything I thought a man should do. I pulled out the chairs, I opened all the doors, I told her to order what she liked, and at the end of the night I kissed her on the cheek and I told her that if she went out with a man who did not treat her like this then he was not the right person for her. When she came home from her first date with him she told me that their date was exactly the date I had told her she should have and at that moment I could not have a happier father, nor could I have like (insert groom’s name) any more.

    I could go on all night with memories; but, I will not do that too you.  I would like to say thank you to everyone who made this day possible and if I see each of you individually I will thank you then too. So it is with great happiness I toast Mr. and Mrs. (insert groom’s name).

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  • Father Of The Bride Speech Videos


    Looking for Father Of The Bride Speech Videos? Looking at other videos of fathers doing their father of the bride wedding speech can be a very effective way of getting ideas for your very own speech. Be sure to take note of their body language and speech giving techniques as that plays a vital part in any speech. Well, let’s get to it – here’s the video.

  • Father Of The Bride Speech Etiquette


    Father Of The Bride Speech Etiquette The day of your daughter’s wedding will be one of the biggest moments of both of your lives, which puts a huge amount of pressure on you as one of the main focuses of the occasion. You will feel much calmer on the day if you have prepared well and are sure that you understand exactly what is required of you. One of the moments at which you will be most central to proceedings, and which can be far more stressful that the simpler task of walking your daughter down the aisle, or even your dance with the new bride is your speech at the reception.

    One way in which you can prepare for this is to learn the expected Father Of The Bride Speech Etiquette. This will help you to make sure that nothing is left out of your speech and that you fulfill your responsibilities for the reception.

    The father of the bride is usually the first to make a speech. You are considered to be the host of the reception, and among your other duties, such as welcoming the guests, you will be seated at the high table and expected to make sure that things keep flowing as planned. There may be a Master of Ceremonies, who will take on a lot of this responsibility, but otherwise you should stand up and catch the attention of the room in order to make your speech, and you should also introduce the nest speaker, who will usually be the Groom. (Once he has spoken he will generally introduce the Best Man.) Your daughter may also like to make her own speech, as might your wife, so the speeches may be organized differently.

    You should begin your speech by welcoming everyone who has come to celebrate your daughter’s wedding. You can also welcome the parents of the groom into your new combined family.

    The next section of the father of the bride speeches should concentrate on your daughter. Tell everyone how beautiful she looks today. If you would like to tell a special story about her, perhaps from her childhood, then this is your chance. Choose something that will bring up happy memories for her, and which reflects your relationship with each other. Father of the bride speech etiquette says that you should concentrate upon your daughter as this is her day, and try to say something about her that will show her how much you care.

    Next, you should speak about the groom. Welcome him into the family, perhaps with a personal touch, although you shouldn’t talk about him for too long because he and his best man will also be speaking. Your focus is on your daughter; leave the groom for the best man to speak about.

    Your next topic should be married life. You might like to offer some advice from your own experience, perhaps with reference to your own wife, or to be more general. This could either be completely serious, or you could add in a few jokes- there are plenty of examples which you could borrow from the internet.

    This can be an important part of Father Of The Bride Speech Etiquette, particularly if you have a slightly unconventional family history.  In this case you may want to give some more general advice about life and love. Say something genuine, but make sure that you say something hopeful and meaningful.

    If on the other hand you have had a wonderful married life, then this is the chance to show how grateful you are for it.

    Your next job is to give thanks to all the people who have helped to make the wedding what it is. Express your appreciation of the caterer and anyone else who has worked on it, such as the vicar.

    You should end your speech by raising a toast. The waiting staff should have been advised to make sure everyone’s glasses are refilled in time for this. Raise your own glass and make the first toast to the bride and groom.

    Father Of The Bride Speech Etiquette expects your speech to be fairly conventional, and heartwarming rather than outrageous.

  • Father Of The Bride Speech Toast


    It will be your role when making your Father Of The Bride Speech Toast to be the first speech maker at the reception, and to have the honor of making the first toast to the new bride and groom.

    The waiting staff should be advised to make sure that every glass is topped up before you begin your father of the bride speech toast, so that they won’t be a distraction while you are speaking and all the guests will be ready to join you in drinking to the health of the happy couple.

    The toast itself will come at the end of your speech, and it will mark the end of your turn as speaker.

    The main content of your speech will be more personalized. You should usually begin by welcoming the guests.  You can then go on to say something about the bride, and more briefly the groom. All you really need to do for him is to welcome him to the family. You may then want to offer some advice or say something about your own experience of married life.

    Finally, you will close your speech with the toast. It is expected that the Father Of The Bride Speech Toast be to the newlyweds themselves, as other speakers will usually toast other people who are involved in the wedding. You toast should be a simple close to the speech, and it should be recognizable as a toast since it will be the point at which the guests are invited to join in with their own good wishes.

    You should raise your own glass as you make the toast, to give a clear signal for the guests to do likewise, and after you have finished speaking you can lead the way in drinking the toast too.

    There are a number of ways in which you can phrase your Father Of The Bride Speech Toast. You may want to be more creative, but you should usually rely on one of the conventional phrases. It could be as simple as “To the Bride and Groom” with the appropriate action of raising the glass to signal that this is the toast, or you may like to spell it out more fully, or to elaborate on your wishes for your daughter and her new husband. “Let us raise our glasses…” or “Let us drink to…” are good ways of introducing the toast. “Please join me in wishing…”is another popular form. You should always finish with the words “the Bride and Groom”, as this is what the guests will be waiting for, and this is the part of the toast which they will echo before they drink.

    If you do intend to say something more inventive during your toast then it should be something about what you wish for the bride and groom in their future. This can also be your way of voicing the hopes of all the other guests, and giving them a thought on which to join in as they join in your toast. If you are a religious family then you may want to say something like “God bless them” as well as giving the usual toast.

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  • Father Of The Bride Speech Sample


    The father of the bride plays a major part in the wedding so of course they should be giving the biggest and best speech. Father of the bride speeches are a way for you to say hi to and thank the guests for attending in a more formal manner. It also serves as a time for you to thank the people who made the wedding a success before delving into the heartfelt moment of the father of the bride speech where you get to talk about your daughter.  Let’s look at the Father Of The Bride Speech Sample below.

    Hello everyone,

    As the father of the bride I got stuck making the first speech. My daughter gave me lots of advice on what she thought I should do. However, I have spent 25 years listening to what she thought I should do. Do not drop me off in front of the school, do not wear socks with your sandals, and my of course my personal favorite you cannot wear a brown belt with black shoes! So today I have chosen not to listen to any of her advice as their witnesses so she really cannot do anything to me without being caught! (Pause for laughter)

    First I would like to begin by thanking everyone for celebrating with us today for both (insert brides name)’s mother and I and also for (insert grooms name)’s parents. We realize that everyone is very busy and it is great that (insert bride and grooms names) have such great friends.

    Today was a very a proud day for me. I got to walk the most incredible woman in the world, besides her mother, down the aisle. There is no doubt that everyone in this room will be on my side when I say that (insert bride’s name) looks absolutely beautiful.  At this point I am supposed to give some embarrassing details of (insert bride’s name); however, after seeing how perfect she looked today, it made me look back on her growing up and somehow I cannot find one moment in her life when she did look equally amazing. I think that her mother would agree with me when I say that we both are so happy that (insert bride’s name) found someone she can live happily ever after with. We have always tried to give her both the wings to fly away from home with and the brains to know that she can always come back home. Well today she has spread those wings; and, there is no doubt that the next time she flies back home she will not be coming alone but with a new partner.

    Now, when (insert grooms name) asked for (insert brides name) hand in marriage I had known it was coming; but, somehow I still could not help but think, “Finally she will grabbing money out of someone else’s pocket, (pause for laughter). No, but seriously he is a very nice young man I could not think of anyone better for my daughter.

    This is the part where I am supposed to give them my advice for marriage; however, I am not the one best suited for that. The only reason I am still married is because I got lucky and chose someone who can put up with me so I suppose that would have been my advice, choose the right person. To me it looks as though they have already done that though.

    So to finish this up I would just like to say congratulations to the two of them and wish them a life of happiness. So it is now my pleasure to toast Mr. and Mrs. (insert grooms name here).

    We have another great Father Of The Bride Speech Samples post for your viewing pleasure. Also check out this package if you are after more premium Father Of The Bride Speech Samples.

  • Father Of The Bride Wedding Speech – 7 Vital Tips


    A wedding day is one of the most important days in a woman’s life. It is also a historic day for her father. He is letting his little girl go. He is helping her enter into a new life and a whole new journey. This will be a very joyous occasion for everyone. It can also be a very emotional time for any father that is quite overwhelming.

    During all of this celebrating and the emotional reactions that the father is having, he will find himself giving a speech on his daughter’s big day. There are some things that can help make this speech go easier and ensure that it is as smooth as possible. A Father of The Bride Wedding Speech is something that will be cherished by both the father and his daughter for many years to come.

    1. Present the father of the bride speech as an introduction and opening to the reception. The bride’s father is normally the first person to give a speech after his daughter has been wed to her new husband. This is the traditional way that a reception is begun. Other toasts and speeches will be mingled in throughout the reception, but the father is first.
    2. Start your Father Of Bride Wedding Speech by welcoming your daughter’s new husband and his immediate family into your life and your family. Once you have addressed your new in-laws, you will also want to welcome all of the guests, friends, and others that are in attendance. You want everyone to know how much you and your family appreciate them being there to share this special day.
    3. Talk briefly about how the bride and groom look together. Compliment their ceremony and the beauty of it all. You want both your daughter and her new husband to know that you are happy for them and that you accept their decision and choices.
    4. Decide on a few childhood stories to share about your daughter. Give those in attendance a glimpse into your life with your little girl. Let them know how special she is and how much she means to you. This is a great time to share your love and affection with everyone.
    5. Offer your advice and best wishes for the marriage. Share positive advice relating to marriage. Do not overly focus on your advice however. You do not want your daughter to think that you are trying to control her life and her marriage. Just share some brief pointers.
    6. Help your guests to transition into the reception. Discuss menu choices with them. You can also talk with them about the schedule of the reception. This includes the information such as first dance, father-daughter dance, and other important aspects of the reception.
    7. Finish your Father Of The Bride Wedding Speech with a toast. Express your best wishes for happiness and a lifetime of love to the bride and groom. After a brief toast, you will introduce your new son in law so that he can give his speech and toast about his new life.
  • Father Of The Bride Speeches Video


    There aren’t too many videos out there on Father  Of The Bride Speeches, but I came across this really good example. The brides father starts off by introducing himself and then goes on to compliment his beautiful daughter. He knows that he has to talk about the groom and does so in an honorable manner.

    He includes a few humorous jokes that really entertains the crowd and concludes the speech with a toast.

    If you missed our first video post, then check out the Father Of The Bride Speech Video post here:

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  • Father of The Bride Speech Etiquette


    A Father Of The Bride Speech is very important. Some say that this is the single most important speech of the wedding. There is often a lot of planning and thought that goes into this speech. Some fathers will work on the speech for months before the wedding to make sure that they get it just right.

    There are some things that need to be kept in mind when preparing and delivering father of the bride wedding speeches. If the speech is not carefully planned out and given appropriately, it can potentially ruin the whole atmosphere of the reception and create a very awkward situation for everyone. There are some general Father Of The Bride Speech Etiquette rules that need to be followed when preparing or delivering the speech. The following tips will help you to prepare and deliver a father of the bride speech that is appropriate and that will be memorable and special for your daughter.


    1. The speech should be short and sweet. This is a great comfort to fathers that may have a fear of public speaking. It allows them to breathe a little easier. Keeping a speech short is a basic rule of etiquette. It allows plenty of time for others to give a speech or toast to the happy couple.

    2. Make sure that you have thoroughly planned the speech. You should brainstorm and get some basic ideas together. If you do not plan out the speech, you are much more likely to forget important points that you wanted to talk about. You may also say things that you had not wanted in the speech. It is also much more likely for a father that has not planned ahead to ramble or embarrass himself or his daughter. This is why planning is so essential to the speech process. It enables you to give the best speech possible without losing the overall idea.

    3. Put aside all personal feelings about the groom or the marriage. No matter how much a father may disagree with the marriage or how much they may dislike their new son in law, they need to put all of that aside for the wedding day. Proper father of the bride speech etiquette includes adding your son in law to the speech. If you cannot give a speech about him, simply congratulate him in a polite manner. Above all, avoid being rude to him. This will embarrass and likely upset your daughter and you absolutely do not want to ruin her big day.

    4. A father of the bride speech should include special thanks to people that helped with the wedding. People that played a part in making this special day happen need to receive proper recognition. It should also thank all of the guests and those that are attending the wedding. You want to make sure that the guests know that you appreciate them sharing the special day and helping to join your daughter with her new husband.

    Following these proper Father Of The Bride Speech Etiquette rules will ensure that your speech is delivered properly. It will avoid any embarrassment or problems. It will also keep the speech from being awkward or uncomfortable. Proper etiquette can result in a speech that is a great introduction to the wedding reception and to the beginning of a new life for your daughter and her new husband.

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  • Father of The Bride Speech Toast


    Probably the most important speech and toast of any wedding is the speech and toast that are given by the Father of The Bride. This is a monumental day for any father. They are giving their daughter away and it is often bittersweet. Most daughters are their daddy’s little girls. It is hard to let your daughter go and to let them start their own new life. It is a big change for everyone. The speech that is given by the father of the bride is very heartfelt and extremely personal.

    There are some basic components that exist in nearly all father of the bride speech toasts. The wording and actual toast will be different for each person. However, the basic theme and idea will remain the same throughout. Below are some of the basic ideas that make up the toast that will be heard at nearly all weddings from the father of the bride to his daughter.

    1. Most father of the bride toasts will start out with the father offering background information on his daughter. He will often have a fond memory of his daughter. In most cases there is a story relating to childhood or when they were growing up. The father will most likely embarrass his daughter a little at this stage. She will cringe at the stories that her father tells. However, this is not meant to be a bad experience. It allows the father to help everyone in attendance get a glimpse of the little girl that he knows.

    2. The father will offer his best wishes and hopes for the future of the married couple. He will wish them all the best in their new life together. He will express his happiness and feelings towards the marriage.

    3. In most cases, the father will offer some words about his new son in law. He will talk about how important he is to the family. He will also express how much this new family member means to him. His daughter’s happiness and choice will be discussed and pointed out.

    4. The highlight of the speech is usually when the father talks about how much his daughter means to him and all of his wishes for her. He will talk about how he is losing his little girl. He will often express his feelings about the changes that are taking place. While he wants and knows that his daughter needs to grow up and have her own life, it is still hard to let her go. Fathers can often not accept the fact that their little girls are growing up. They know that it is part of life and something that they have to accept, but it is still a big change.

    5. The speech is most often ended with thanks offered to all of the guests. The father will express his appreciation for all of the help that has been offered. He will talk about how much the guests mean to the family and how grateful they all are for their attendance and for sharing this very monumental event with the family.

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