• The Speech for the Father of the Bride

    In a lot of cultures the father of the bride is a very important role in the wedding. They serve as the host and sometimes they are the ones paying for most of the wedding; although in today’s culture this has changed a little and the father of the bride is no longer seen as the primary person who pays for everything. However, no matter who ends up paying the bill the father of the bride wedding speech is still something that dear old dad has to do. They have to stand up in front of a room of their daughter’s closest friends and family and say how happy they are to see their daughter happy, (more times than not you will see the dad turning his head away as he tries not to cry). Although, dad can hire people to do entertaining throughout the night and no matter how hard the best man tries to give him a break no one can do this speech but the father of the bride. So when you find yourself in this situation there are general rules that you can use to help guide you in preparation.

    1. Start with a joke. This will not only help ease your tension; but, also get everyone else’s attention for the main part of the father of the bride speeches.

    2. When everyone has quieted down and is listening you should express your gratitude for everyone taking the time to join you on the momentous occasion. Take this time to let everyone know that you appreciate their love and generosity that you have seen throughout the day. Also, now may be a good time to tell the bride, her mother, or any other female that had a hand in the wedding how great a job they did.

    3. Now would be the part to add the thoughts on how special it is to be playing this role. How sad you are to see your daughter all grown up; but, how happy you are that she found someone to make her happy. Do not drag this on too long though, or you will find yourself trying to dry up all your tears without anyone noticing.

    4. Tell your daughter what you think of her. Let her know that you think she is very special and the best daughter a man could have. Let her know that, while you think no one is ever going to be good enough for her, she did a really great job in finding someone that is about close as they can get to her perfect match.

    5. Now is the part in the father of the bride wedding speech where you get to look back on the memories. Tell everyone how you first felt when you met the man your daughter married, how you tried to scare him away with your unloaded gun. Use some humor here; but, do not forget to include how happy you are for both of them and how you know they will love and support each other through anything and that is what is important.

    6. At this point you could do a toast to the groom. Let him know how glad you are to have a new member of the family and how great it is that it is him.

    7. Now you should include some of your own advice for marriage. This is a good point to use both sentiment and humor.

    8. Lastly, at this point in the father of the bride speech, you get to start the toasting to the newly married couple. Make your last remarks, toast them, and then get back to playing host.

    The father of the bride speech, although it is not a long one, is an important part of the wedding. It means a lot to the bride, your daughter, so make it special and take the time to prepare a good one.

    "14 Things You Need To Know For Your Father of The Bride Speech"

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