• Think up some lovely ideas for your father of the bride speech

    A father of the bride speech is something that all the guests at the reception love to hear. It is a very proud moment for a father to stand up and tell them what a wonderful person both he and his wife think their daughter has turned out to be. It is a time when memories of her growing up can be relived and shared with all the guests. With many things having been organized for the wedding day to go as smoothly as it can, it is often a time for fathers to start to relax and enjoy the moment.

    father of the bride speechThere is no one better qualified to tell a story about the bride than her father. You can tell everyone what a pleasure it has been to watch her grow up and include a story or two about what she was like when she was a child. A father of the bride speech is all about telling your guests a funny episode that will be treasured for the rest of your life.

    Tell an amusing story about your daughter in your father of the bride speech

    This type of story can be a real icebreaker if used at the beginning of a father of the bride speech. It gets a lot of smiles and laughter which means everyone relaxes ready for the real celebrations to begin.

    It is always nice to remark on how your daughter has grown more confident since she met her now husband. A lovely way to do this is to say how his influence on her has been very positive. This is also a way of telling the groom and all the guests how much you approve of him.

    A father of the bride speech should be about the past, the present and the future

    There has to be a point in any father of the bride speech, so make sure you include right at the end of your speech just how proud you and your wife have been throughout the wonderful times you have been around your daughter. This can include the academic achievements she has enjoyed, as well how good she is at her job whatever it happens to be. It is a time to tell her how happy she has made you both and what your hopes are for the future of the happy couple.

    A father of the bride speech does not have to be a long one but it should be full of emotion and it has to come from your heart. Your daughters’ wedding is an important day to her, so by showing your emotions and just how much she means to you will make her feel like the very special person that she is.

    At the end of your speech you should call all the wedding guests to toast your beautiful daughter and her new husband by wishing them all the luck in the world. A father of the bride speech that reflects on the past, shares the present and is full of hope for the future, will always be remembered by the happy couple with fondness.

    "14 Things You Need To Know For Your Father of The Bride Speech"

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