• Write a father of the bride speech that will make your daughter feel very proud of you

    Every father feels very proud of their daughter on her wedding day and his father of the bride speech will tell the world just how happy he and his wife are on this very special day. It is a very joyous occasion when families and friends gather to wish the happy couple a long a happy marriage. After the ceremony everyone gears up for the reception and get themselves ready to listen to the many speeches that are often the highlight of the occasion.  A father of the bride speech gives you the ideal opportunity of sharing with them your devotion to your daughter and how proud you are of her. It is the perfect opportunity of them telling all your guests what a wonderful person you think she is and how beautiful she looks.

    Father of the bride speeches are a classic toast to lovely brides as they embark on their lives as the new wives of the men they love. This is a time when parents know that they are handing over the safe keeping of their lovely daughters to their new husbands. This means that the father has the perfect opportunity of telling his new son-in-law that he now has this responsibility.

    Welcome your new son-in-law into your family in your father of the bride speech

    It is a time for both mum and dad to welcome the groom into their family fold and to tell him how glad they are that their daughter chose him to be her husband. We all know the old saying that a family is not ‘losing a daughter, but gaining a son’ and a father of the bride speech needs to reflect this sentiment.

    father of the bride speechThere is no-one better qualified to tell stories about the bride than her father. With this said mums can have a great input on what fathers say in their wedding speeches. Fathers can sometimes get a little carried away when they write their daughters’ wedding speeches. The thing to remember is that you need to keep it short and sweet with just a couple of nice stories about your daughter and what she was like as a little girl, but always make sure you tell a story or two that your daughter will like as well. Make sure your wife approves of what you are telling all the wedding guests about her beautiful daughter, otherwise you could end up in the dog house.

    Practice makes perfect and this applies to your father of the bride speech too

    If you want to write a speech that will make your daughter as proud of you as you are of her, you may want to let your wife and other close members of your family listen to it first so that they can give you an honest opinion of what they think about it. This also means you get to rehearse your speech and even learn it off by heart.

    One part of a father of the bride speech that you must never forget is to thank all the wedding guests for being there to share in all the celebrations with your family and the bride and groom. A father should always end his father of the bride speech by asking everyone to join him and his wife in toasting the happy couple.

    "14 Things You Need To Know For Your Father of The Bride Speech"

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