• Body Language & Voice Tips For Father Of The Bride Speeches

    Father Of The Bride Speeches consist of two factors. The first is the content that you write down, and what your going to talk about in the speech. The second factor is the body language i.e. how you deliver the speech. Proper body language will make the speech convincing, compelling and memorable. Body language is often overlooked with father of the bride speeches, however it is just as important as the actual speech itself. An American University study into communications found that body language influenced a speaker by 55% followed by voice which was 38%. Spoken words only made up 7%. So here are some body language and voice tips for Father Of The Bride Speeches


    • Keep your head up and look at the crowd. There’s nothing worse then someone doing their speech while looking down into their palm cards all along. So maintain eye contact with the crowd but make sure you don’t stare at just one thing or person.
    • Slow down, you don’t need to talk so fast. This is normally due to nervousness, which is completely normal. But it’s important that the speech is not rushed.
    • Speak up, people can’t hear you. It’s important that you talk out aloud and with authority. This will make sure the audience listens to you and not talk with each other.
    • Smile, it’s a happy occasion. Try not to look stressed or worried, it is a wedding after all.
    • Watch your hand. Normally you will talk into a mic, so what do you do with the other hand? Well, it’s important you don’t let it cross your chest. That might sound weird, but a lot of people do it without realizing when they are stressed or anxious. It’s better if you use the other hand for some gestures relating to your stories in the speech. If this seems too daunting, then just let it stay by your side and don’t put them in your pockets!

    Try and follow these tips for Father Of The Bride Speeches. This will allow your speech to have more effect and will keep the audience tuned in.

    "14 Things You Need To Know For Your Father of The Bride Speech"

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