• Father of the Bride Speeches

    Writing a speech can be a huge challenge, and when it comes to Father Of The Bride Speeches the pressure is really on to come up with something both heart-warming and personal. You should be aiming to sound hopeful about the future, pleased about the day and happy for your daughter.

    There is a conventional structure to father of the bride speeches which will help you to plan out what you are going to say. This usually includes a welcome to the guests at the beginning, saying something about your daughter, welcoming the groom to the family, saying something about the state of marriage and proposing a toast to the happy couple. It is in the parts when you talk about your daughter and about marriage that you have the most opportunity to personalize your speech. The other sections can stick to fairly formal phrasing, although you might want to also say something extra about the groom, if you know him well. He will usually get much more time in the best man’s speech, however, so your focus should be on the bride.

    When you speak about her, think about what she would want you to say. If you are unsure then discuss it with her beforehand. Father Of The Bride Speeches should be about your bond with your daughter, and not about embarrassing her, as if this were a best man speech. An anecdote from her childhood or an old nickname you had for her can be good subjects. You could also talk about how proud you are of her, and how well she has grown up. You should make these stories and thoughts as personal as you can, and you should particularly concentrate on the relationship which you have with your daughter.

    You will also be speaking on behalf of the bride’s mother, unless she has decided to make her own speech too, so referencing her can be a good idea. Include her in the thanks and the welcomes you give. You may also want to draw on your relationship with her when you give your advice on marriage to the new couple, even if you are not married to the bride’s mother it can be a good idea to speak about her rather than a new wife or girlfriend. Try to be honest about marriage, but do not allow any pessimism you may feel to spoil the occasion.  If your parents or another couple known to the family has a long and happy marriage then you can use them as an example, even if your own love life is in a more unconventional state. You do not have to speak about marriage specifically, however. You might prefer to give some advice about life in general, or about love and family bonds.

    Father Of The Bride Speeches generally go wrong when they try to be something they’re not, or when the speaker fills them with words and notions that are not his own. This speech should be as personal as possible. Say something from the heart, but don’t fall into the trap of using clichés or being overly sentimental. Be yourself instead. Add a few jokes or a little bit of teasing, but make sure that you don’t go overboard.

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