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    Making father of the bride wedding speeches at your daughter’s wedding can be both a proud and a nerve-wracking moment for any father. It can be especially difficult if you lack experience in public speaking as you will be worried not just about your Father of The Bride Wedding Speech itself but about having to stand up in front of the guests and make it.

    You will make this task much easier if you take plenty of time to get thoroughly prepared.

    Make sure that you know what is expected in your father of the bride wedding speech and plan it out carefully. Write as many drafts as you need to get it right, and ask someone else to read it through and give you some feedback.

    father of the bride wedding speech

    Go over it as many times as you need in order to familiarize yourself with it. There is no need to memorize the speech but you should be able to read it and know its rhythm. You should take a written copy with you, even if you think you have learnt it off by heart. Index cards can be a neat way of writing out a speech, but if you are very nervous then it could be more sensible to use a single sheet of paper rather than risk dropping the cards and messing up their order. If you do feel a bit shaky then you might be able to rest the paper on the table rather than holding it up where everyone will be able to see your nerves.

    When you are going over your Father of The Bride Wedding Speech you should read it out loud, just as you would on the day. Stand in front of the mirror and be your own audience. Take note of your body language. Try to relax and stop yourself from fidgeting. Stand up straight and make sure you keep breathing. Listen to your voice too. Try and speak clearly but also to put some expression into your voice so that it will be easier for the guests to follow what you’re saying.

    On the day, if you are using a microphone make sure that it is working and that you know how to use it before the reception.

    If you are very nervous then you could try practicing your speech in front of a smaller audience and working up to the wedding itself. You might even want to get some professional help. There are people who will teach you how to give a speech and who can help to boost your confidence. It will mean a lot to your daughter to have you speak at her wedding, but if you really feel you can’t then you can always ask another close relative or friend of the family to speak instead. If you do, make sure that you take the time to speak more privately to your daughter on her wedding day, or even to turn what you would have said in your Father Of The Bride Wedding Speech into a letter for her to keep.