• 5 Roles of the Father of the Bride

    father of the bride role

    The father of the bride is the role that every man dreads to be one day, though it is something that almost every man who has a daughter is going to have to deal with someday. Therefore, when the big day arrives, if they want to make sure that this is going to go as smoothly as possible, in order to make sure that his little girl has the big day that she has always dreamt off, the father must know what his role is at the wedding. Most men think that the role that they play is to walk her down the aisle and escort her safely to the arms of her soon to be husband. However, it is more than that:

    Financial Responsibilities

    The father of the bride has many duties when it comes to giving the financial compensation for the whole ceremony once the bride announces her engagement. Therefore, to make this role a bit easier on you, you should sit down with your daughter and talk about the cost of the wedding before it gets out of hand.

    Communication Duties

    For the father of the bride, one of the more important roles that he is going to play at the wedding is the go between of those that are at the wedding. For example, with a blended family, the father wants to make sure that the step-father is used in the ceremony, as well as the groom’s parents. It is the father of the bride’s responsibility to make sure that everyone is focused on the happy couple instead of their own problems that they may be having.

    Wedding Ceremony

    During the ceremony, the father of the bride is who will walk the bride down the aisle and give her away. This may be the hardest thing that you have to do throughout the entire event. You are going to want to make sure that you are offering a strong and steady arm to the bride so that she does not fall down. While also making sure that you are giving some words of encouragement before walking down that aisle.

    The Toast

    Most fathers of the brides are going to end up giving a toast at the reception. The toast should be heart felt and light hearted, and let the couple know that you wish them all the luck in the world. You will want to make sure that you have practiced this speech and then make sure that it is really getting your message across. Also, you may want to brush up on your public speaking skills if you are a bit nervous.

    The Dance

    At most receptions, the father and the daughter will share the traditional dance. For this role you will want to make sure that you are ready to lead your daughter to make her look as graceful as possible. Therefore, if you are not much of a dancer, make sure that you take a few lessons so that you can look your best as you are twirling away with your daughter. Plus, it is going to impress your daughter and mean the world to her that you took time to learn this specifically for her.

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  1. JeanDan@www.standingovationweddingspeeches.typepad.com says:

    Yes communcation is the most important duty because it carries the most impressions with the guests.So every dad should prepare because preparation is an asset against failure.

    Part of the process of preparation is practise -which is a needed tool to combat nervousness and take complete control of what you want to say.

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