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    Maid Of Honor Wedding SpeechWhen you are initially asked to perform the duties as maid of honor for the bride at her wedding, you may not be thinking about the customary Maid Of Honor Speech you will be expected to give during the reception. Before you panic, keep in mind that you are not the focus of the occasion and it will only be a few moments of your time that you will be required to stand and speak in front of the entire audience.

    Get started early with the process of writing the speech by making notes when you think of them. Notes about the couple and funny stories make good starting points and memories of you and bride are also noteworthy. Once you have a page or two of thoughts, you will have all you need to frame out a lovely, memorable maid of honor speech.

    The first part of Maid Of Honor Speeches should include an introduction, as there are likely to be many people there that you have never met. Something simple such as your name and your association with the bride will suffice. Next, thank everyone for coming and especially thank the bride for asking you to be her maid of honor.

    Talk for a minute or so about how you came to know the bride and the groom. Reflect on the couple’s relationship from your perspective. Leave out anything that could be considered tacky or distasteful. If there is a funny story that is equally appropriate, consider telling it at this point. Although you are the female equivalent of the best man, you are not expected to be bawdy. Wrap up this section of your speech by telling the newlywed couple how happy you were for them when they announced their nuptials.

    If you have a famous marriage or love quote, now is the perfect time to read it. Poems are nice also as long as they are not too long and have a point. Wish the couple a lifetime of happiness, give a toast to the bride and groom and you are done!

    It is important that you have practiced this speech in front of a mirror and perhaps in front of a small audience. Gauge the practice audience’s reactions to evaluate the elements of your speech. Avoiding topics such as religion, politics, and sex are advised, and remember to bring your Maid Of Honor Wedding Speech with you to the reception, as you do not want to rely on your memory for such an auspicious occasion.